The Library Code
DSpace service provider


The Library Code is a DSpace service provider. We offer efficient operation of DSpace, continuous maintenance and development according to individual needs. DSpace is the software most often used worldwide to set up and run digital repositories and archives. It is a flexible application aimed at safeguarding and scholarly publishing digital items. Additionally to providing structured storage and access for articles, books, and suchlike, institutional repositories are more and more used for research data and for enabling Open Access.

DSpace is supported by a large and innovative open source community. However, the specific local requirements often differ. For the implementation of institutional needs and specifications, individual customizations and regular software development are frequently required. We assist academic and public institutions introducing, maintaining, and developing DSpace. This helps to use DSpace in an optimal way and to adapt it according to customer requirements.

The Library Code was founded by Pascal-Nicolas Becker, who has more than ten years of experience in the field of digital repositories. He is a member of the DSpace Committer Group which is responsible for the maintenance and development of DSpace. In the past he has developed the automatic assignment of DOIs using DataCite, the Linked Data support of DSpace, as well as many further improvements and bugfixes.



You are starting to design your repository, are planning the next steps or are considering a redesign? We will be pleased to provide consulting services: Different use cases of repositories, open source software development, linked data, Open Access, and research data are some of the topics we are very experienced in.


Installing DSpace is not a simple task, and we will gladly support you. We provide installation services of DSpace on Linux- or Unix-based systems of your choice, stand by on your disposal to answer questions during the installation process, or train your team beforehand.


We carry out all kinds of customization services for DSpace. These can be comprehensive modifications of configurations as well as modifications according to your corporate design requirements or according to your workflows.

Software Development

You are missing certain features in DSpace? Which specific functions do you need? We have broad experience with the development of open source software in general and with DSpace in particular. We will gladly assist you in realizing your plans.

Support & Maintenance

You are running a DSpace installation and need a service centre which supports you in identifying and solving problems? We offer support and maintenance with flexible payment arrangements and without initial costs.


You wish to outsource the hosting of DSpace? We will carry out installation, maintenance and operation of DSpace for you, either using our servers or those in a data center of your choice.


We offer different trainings around DSpace, like an introduction into its use or advanced training in administration and development. Our trainings, which last one or several days, will be planned according to your needs.